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Brewsletter October 2023

October 2023

Hello Florida Avenue Brewing Company! Welcome to our very first edition of our internal company newsletter, the Brewsletter! We will publish the Brewsletter quarterly and look forward to bringing you the latest company-wide information, including taproom news, production and sales updates, upcoming events on and off site, and much more! We hope that you enjoy this edition of the Brewsletter! If you’d like to submit a story for the next edition, please send an email to our Events Director, Amanda Derby at [email protected].

Taproom News


Our Wesley Chapel location will be featuring a new fall menu on October 4, 2023! Pictured below are the elote queso dip and chips, a 12oz. bone-in pork chop, served with seasoned grits and roasted brussel sprouts with shaved parmesan cheese and the highly-anticipated new entree, shrimp and grits.

You can expect to see the elote queso dip and chips and The BrewRito on our Tampa location menu!

Cheers! Our Wesley Chapel location will celebrate its 3rd anniversary since opening on October 5th, 2020.

Thanksgiving Package Promotion

Closed Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23rd

Holiday Gift Card Promotion

Holiday Hours
Closed Christmas Monday, December 25th

New Year’s Eve Package Promotion


New Hires & Promotions

Alex Morrison – Line Cook

Jason Frederick – Line Cook

Robert Schmidt – Line Cook

Mary Dubic – Service Manager
A quote from Mary: “My background is in hospitality, I’ve enjoyed working at restaurants as a server, bartender, and manager. I love traveling and good food, can’t wait to know more about you!”

Jeremy Cheek – General Manager
A quote from our new GM: “Thank you to everyone who made the transition into becoming your general manager of a smooth one. I’m so thankful that I have this opportunity. I haven’t been here as long as some and look forward to learning from all of you. I hope that in these 2 short months of being in this position that I have met or exceeded expectations. A couple things about me: I am originally from California. I am an avid runner. I have been married for 15 years to my wife Casey and we have 2 daughters, Presley and Everley. A couple of my favorite Fl Ave beers are sunset vibes and Lumi.”



Meet the Tampa team, cheers!

Dustin Rogers, Andrew LaBrecque, Jeff Follman, Janai Sheerin, Chuck Cooper, Sarah Vassallo, Christian Henry. Not pictured Lindsay Ingraham and Jami Eichorn.

Package Beer News For Both Locations

One of our goals for the Front of House Team Members is to reach 5% Package Beer sales daily. For the month of August, Host Kira Aurora sold 120 units of package beer, the most in the company (both locations included). Kira works for the company as a Host at the Wesley Chapel location and is always giving the guests a great experience. Congrats Kira, and great job to Lauren Hazeltine at 92 Units followed by Brie Torres at 77 units. Great job by all!

From our Tampa location our top sellers were Jeffrey Follman at 57 units and Janai Sheerin sold 61 units. Way to go Team!

For both locations we sold over 1,600 units of package beer through the tasting rooms alone and our best selling brand was Luminescence, blowing the others out of the water at 229 units sold. The next best performers were our limited releases of The Lantern and the tasting room exclusive, Buccos Brew, both tying at 181 units each.


Production News

100 Hues is back! This year’s batch is sans lactose and jam-packed full of fruit flavor! Have you sampled it yet?

Learn More About The Beer

Keep an eye out for our new seasonal release in November!

Learn More About The Beer


Cream Warriors Tangerine Creamsicle Hazy IPA

Immaculate Indulgence Holiday Barrel Aged Beer Bottles


Chris Barnes AKA “Barney” came to us a few weeks back from 7th Sun Brewery. He works in packaging and logistics.

Maria Cortes Solano is from Swamphead Brewing and she works in the cellar

Welcome to the team, Maria & Chris!



Brought to you from the lab by Ami Parrino

Style Spotlight: Marzen

Marzen is a classic beer style that has captivated beer lovers for centuries. Originating in Bavaria, Germany, Marzen boasts a heritage that dates back to the 16th century when it was traditionally brewed in March (hence the name) and lagered in cool cellars to be enjoyed during the Oktoberfest celebrations. This amber-hued lager is characterized by its balanced malt-forward profile, showcasing a harmonious blend of toasty, biscuity, and caramel notes. Marzen’s aroma carries hints of bread crust and a touch of herbal hops. Marzens typically have a medium body, medium carbonation, and a clean, dry finish. The style has a malt sweetness that is balanced by a subtle hop bitterness, making it a highly drinkable choice for those seeking a well-rounded beer. With a moderate alcohol content typically falling between 5.8% to 6.3%, it offers a satisfying and approachable drinking experience, perfect for autumn gatherings and festivals. Marzens pair well with pretzels, grilled bratwurst, and caramel-forward desserts.

Quality Corner: Diacetyl

Diacetyl is a natural byproduct of fermentation, originating from the metabolism of certain yeast strains. This compound is responsible for a buttery or butterscotch-like aroma and taste, which can be pleasant in small amounts but undesirable in excess. In our brewery, diacetyl management is a crucial part of our brewing process. It is primarily produced in the early stages of fermentation, when yeast is most active. Our talented brewing and quality team closely monitors the diacetyl levels throughout the brewing process, ensuring that they decrease to acceptable levels as fermentation progresses. Beyond the brewhouse, diacetyl can also be found in tap lines and equipment due to microbial growth, potentially affecting the taste of the final beer. That’s why we maintain a rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule to minimize any contamination risks in our taproom and ensure that the beer we all enjoy is of the highest quality.


Sales News

Release Calendar 2024

12 Packs

This fall we’re launching two 12pack boxes into the market. You’re My Boy, Blue and the FL Ave Mixed Pack will join the bigger beer boxes in local retailers in October.

19.2oz Cans

This year we’re launching Dead Parrot and Luminescence 19.2oz cans. Our first placement is at House of Blues in Disney Springs with local retailers to soon follow.

Sales Placements

Grew Publix distribution by 91 placements (FLIPA & Luminescence)

Dead Parrot #1 FL Ave brand in St. Pete territory

Luminescence #1 FL Ave brand in Orlando territory

You’re My Boy Blue #1 FL Ave brand in Tampa territory

Grew our distribution footprint into the panhandle in 2023, giving us statewide distribution

Articles on Beer Sales

While craft beer sales is nearly flat in terms of growth, Florida Avenue is up over 40% compared to 2022

Sales Team

Will & Dan joined our team this year, bringing years of experience & knowledge and fresh eyes on the sales market.


Event News

Learn More

Venue buyout in December

Something Blue Bridal Shower Photoshoot


Other News

Pasco EDC Award

Economic Excellence Award (small category): Florida Avenue Brewing Company

Recently investing $900,000 in new equipment, Florida Avenue Brewing Company increased their brewing capacity from 40,000 to 70,000 thousand kegs, added eight new jobs in manufacturing and sales, including a full-time lab manager now providing them the ability to run full testing on all products as well as help other smaller breweries with troubleshooting issues. The company also increased its footprint by expanding to the Destin area in the Florida panhandle and is looking to expand its presence overseas after participating in Enterprise Florida’s 2022 Trade Mission to Panama.

The Women in Beer Show

“This week I chat with 5 amazing babes from Florida Avenue Brewing Co (one of which I would consider the Godmother of Florida craft beer- Toni (former President of Cigar City Brewing). 🤌” – Alicia Haskew

Listen Now!

All Hands Meeting Recap

Guest Speaker is local restauranteur, founder of Next Level Brands, Jeff Gigante.

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