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A Toast to Mom: Craft Beer + Brunch Soiree

May 12 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Treat Mom to a unique and delightful Mother’s Day experience at Florida Avenue Brewing Co! Forget the stuffy brunch buffets and embrace a celebration that’s both delicious and unique.

The Feast:

  • Fried Chicken Biscuit: Start off with a Southern classic with a twist. A fluffy, golden biscuit cradles a juicy piece of perfectly seasoned fried chicken. A spread of honey sriracha butter adds a touch of sweet heat, and drizzle of maple syrup top it off, making it a finger-licking good way to begin the celebration. Served with crispy, hand-cut fries!


  • Stuffed French Toast: No brunch is complete without decadent French toast. Here, thick slices of brioche are stuffed with a sweet cream cheese filling, then dipped in a batter enriched with vanilla and cinnamon, before being cooked to a golden perfection. Fresh peach compote made with our Mother’s Day peach lager and a dusting of powdered sugar add a delightful touch.


  • Craft Danish Plate: Delicate pastries, each a miniature work of art, are filled with an assortment of creamy cheese and special syrups created with our fruited beers! Every bite is a burst of flavor and texture.


  • Peaches and Cream Lager: This is where the magic happens. Our special Mother’s Day brew, Pit for a Queen,  peaches and cream lager, is a light and refreshing accompaniment to the brunch. The subtle sweetness of peaches mingles with the crisp lager base, creating a beer that’s as delightful as it is unique. Take home a special edition 4pk to-go so you can savor the flavor after Mother’s Day is over!


Alongside this feast sits a flight of four craft beers, specially curated for Mom’s palate. Perhaps a light and citrusy wheat beer cuts through the richness of the french toast, while a sour ale complements the sweetness of the maple syrup. Don’t forget the “Mom-osa,” a playful nod to tradition, featuring a sparkling champagne infused with orange juice, peach, raspberry or strawberry!

This Mother’s Day, skip the ordinary brunch routine. Treat Mom to an experience that combines the warmth of familiar favorites with the exciting world of craft beer.

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